Ensuring That Your Tires are Suitable for Winter

By Paul Croft

It’s easy to understand that winter happens to be a pricey time of the year with lots of Christmas activities and dramatically increased energy costs as a result of trying to keep warm when the weather outside is cold. Plenty of people view winter tires as an extra expense that they are unable to comfortably purchase and because they are not a legal requirement here in the USA like other Countries in Europe such as Germany, they never really seem to bother. Nevertheless, during the winter, appropriate tires ought to be deemed as an investment in your safety – which is priceless and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Continue reading “Ensuring That Your Tires are Suitable for Winter”

6 Auto Maintenance Tips that Will Save You Money

By Russel Spinella

One of the happiest times of people’s lives is when they get their first car. They wash it, wax it, check the fluids, and check the air pressure fairly religiously for about a month. After that, unless it’s their absolute dream car, it’s just “the car” and taking care of it becomes more of an afterthought. But taking care of your car not only keeps it looking good but keeps it running good as well. Utilizing good auto maintenance tips helps to keep your car running well and reduces expenses at the same time. Continue reading “6 Auto Maintenance Tips that Will Save You Money”

5 Things You Should Know Before Buying Used Tires

By Rizki Akmanda Zaymi

Giving your ride used tires is a good way in saving money. Besides, doing it also means that you are an eco-friendly person. The more good tires thrown away, the more wastes our earth would take. However, choosing used tires is not an easy task. If you are not careful enough, you may end up buying tires with uneven wear, thin spots, bubbles, or terrible patching. Lessen your chance of buying damaged tires by reading these tips. Continue reading “5 Things You Should Know Before Buying Used Tires”